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Thanks for your interest in supporting my work. I find it an honor to hold space and work with people who are ready to lay down their power and as my friend Cara says are ready to listen, learn, and listen some more.  Offering this work as a single mom, and a social entrepreneur is no easy feat. A monthly contribution will help me offset the costs of childcare, self-care including therapy, and the emotional investment I am choosing to put into this work.  With each subscription is your opportunity to participate in the CYP (check your privilege) facebook community AND  monthly book club. Becoming a subscriber is simple!

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Maybe you can't make a financial contribution right now, and that's OK. Here are several important ways you can support my work:

  • Share my work with friends, colleagues, and other people you know.

  • Repost, post, and interact with my work across social media.

  • If your local to the bay area offer up space for free to host a Check Your Privilege or Brown Sisters Speak Event

  • Send me your ideas on how you can help via my contact form
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