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Welcome to the CYP story submission form. It may not be easy to write your truth, but this is your invitation to share your story with the masses. Storytelling changes lives, and this book series exists to ease the shame of becoming antiracist. Sharing in our common humanity while unpacking our relationship with power, oppression, and racism. We take stories from all over the world and now is your chance to bare your soul and share your story with the collective. Our next book will release in March of 2020.   Please complete the form below to share your story.

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What a CYP story is NOT

A sermon, term paper, thesis, or eulogy.

An "as told to" story written by you for someone else, that’s actually ghostwriting. If you ghost-write a story for someone, that's fine, but that person’s name will be listed as the author and he or she can acknowledge your help in the bio section.

A few more tips about submitting

The only way to submit your story is via our website. If you have any problems when trying to fill out the form and submitting your work, please contact Responses take several days, so be patient. 

What happens after I submit my story?

Please be patient after you press the SUBMIT button. Wait for the next screen to come up with a message that says: "Thank you! Your information has been received." This is your confirmation that we have received your story and that it has been entered into our database. This is the only confirmation you will receive. There is no separate email message from us.  [A very obvious “Error” message comes up if your submission does not go through.]

How will I know if my story is selected? 

If you have not heard from us 90 days before the book’s on-sale date, that probably means we have decided not to use your story in the book, but we may use your story in additional projects. Either way we will let you know. It can take 90 days or so for a book to be published. Please be patient, as the selection of stories is a time-consuming process. Please do not contact us to ask for an update about your story unless you need to know whether we are considering it because another publisher is interested in it too. If we choose your story for a future edition or any of our other projects, we will notify you by email and request your permission to print it. We never publish anything without written permission from the author. 

If your email address changes after you submit your story, be sure to let us know by email at 

If we publish your story, you will have the option to be paid up to $150 or to donate your payment to the list of non-profit initiatives below. Payment will be sent three months after publication of the book and you will receive 2 free copies of the book your story appears in. You will be entitled to buy cases of your books from us at half price. You will also  be asked to sign our standard permission release agreement. That agreement asks for non-exclusive rights to publish your story. This means that you retain ownership of your story, but you grant us the rights to publish it and use it again in any future Check Your Privilege book title or product.




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