Check Your Privilege is a guided journey that deepens your awareness to how your actions effect the mental health of Black, Brown, Indigenous, People of Color ( BBIPoC).

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Three Ways To Be A Co-Conspirator with BIWOC Checklist

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About Myisha T

Myisha T is a mental health activist, speaker, and entrepreneur passionate about the mental wellness and the empowerment for women.

In 2018, Myisha became curious about white women and privilege after ending a relationship with a co-worker that negatively impacted her mental health. This led her to identify her own internalized oppression and racism. Not interested in throw-away culture, she decided to seek out safe ways that white folks are showing up for BIWoC.

During Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, Myisha began her Check Your Privilege interview series inquiring into the work some white women are doing to show up safely for BIPoC and move beyond passive ally-ship to action driven co-conspirators.

Myisha works with organizations and community groups taking white people on a self-reflective journey exploring their relationship with power, privilege, and racism.


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