Be part of the movement, not just a moment.

Heal Your Way Forward

The Co-Conspirators Guide to an Antiracist Future

Heal Your Way Forward

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    In this book

    You Will Experience….

    • Antiracism as intergenerational healing

    • Guidance for learning and unlearning

    • Healing and feeling through the hurt

    • Committing and recommitting to real change and a reparative future

    You will learn how to…

    • Embrace accountability, grief and joy

    • Release shame, perfectionism and biases

    • Connect with curiosity, empathy, intimacy and community

    • Commit/recommit to a lifelong learning movement, not just a moment

    So you can…

    • Awaken to purposeful passion and the sacredness of story

    • Disrupt the privilege and comfort of the white worldview

    • Liberate by not duplicating systemic constructs

    • Commit/recommit to a lifelong learning movement, not just a moment

    Myisha T Hill, Author
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