Check Your Privilege: Unpacking Your Relationship With White Privilege


The Lighthouse Studio

3215 Peralta Street, Oakland, CA 94608

Oakland, CA, US, 94608

Are you a white woman (or white man) that considers yourself to be an ally to Black Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC)?

It’s imperative that white people identifying as “feminist,” “progressive,” “liberal,” or helping professionals do their work to move beyond allyship into co-conspired action that builds in-roads to true solidarity. White Feminism is rooted in White Supremacy and continues to leave out the voices and experience of Black Indigenous Women of Color (BIWoC) by centering white women. This negatively impacts the mental health of BIWoC in big and small ways that many white women cannot easily see and do not recognize.

This Check Your Privilege workshop is an opportunity for you to:

  • Unpack and Own your Racism

  • Understand the impact your unacknowledged Racism e has on the mental and emotional health of BIWoC

  • Take a guided journey into your relationship with power, privilege, and racism

  • Identify behaviors that negatively impact BIWOC and learn to react beyond getting caught up in White Guilt, White Fragility and White Exceptionalism.

  • Practice potentially awkward or racially charged conversations you’ve been nervous to have and receive feedback

  • Learn how to continue educating yourself, become a resource to other white people and find ways to integrate anti-racism work into your daily life

There are 2 work/trade scholarships available for this event. Inquire at

A portion of proceeds benefit the Brown Sister’s Speak Therapy Fund

I’ve created this Check Your Privilege workshop as a tool to inspire, support and educate you as you take your anti-racism work to the next level. Many well-meaning white allies have had the intent to help, save, give back and fight to end racism. In order for your efforts to truly be effective and intersectional, there is deep inner work that needs to be done in order to uncover, make conscious, and own the insidious ways that racism exists inside of you, as it does in all of us.  

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