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CYP Teams training supports corporate HR and Leadership groups to enable the development of anti-racist cultures and practices, resulting in employee retention and market impact & influence.

"Diversity and Inclusion" often fall short of true belonging and enabling high functioning teams.

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Personal Stories Impact
Corporate Productivity

Most of us spend the majority of our waking life in the workplace, interacting with our colleagues. We all have a story we bring that implicitly informs the way we see ourselves and others, and how we express and relate to power. This directly impacts priority and performance.

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Leaders Feel

Corporate and societal norms create certain expectations, and talking explicitly about race and privilege can be challenging. Business leaders often feel ill-equipped in their ability to create an informed anti-racist team culture in which colleagues are aware of racial dynamics and feel confident in how to practice healthy ways of relating and communicating.

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When Racial Harm Has Been Done

When racial harm is caused, restoring healthy team dynamics is essential to ensure a high functioning team that will be able to produce maximum output and impact. Leaders can be trained on related tools and practices.

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Impacts to Profit

Companies are starting to see negative impacts to profit and product design due to systems that limit critical voices and perspectives from being heard, which in turn limits a company's ability to reach key portions of their customer base.

Are you leading or working on a diverse team in a society that is deeply unjust and puts you in a bind?

Do you aspire to honor your commitment to anti-racism, while navigating the mandate to get business results in traditional ways that do not work?

How can you embody anti-racist practices while attaining the measurable results that are best for your corporation ?

This CYPTeams™ training is the reminder that YOU have the opportunity to step up and learn the skills and mindset needed to bring a clear, equitable, and unbiased approach to your company.

In these training sessions you will be equipped to be the voice and agent of change  for your team and organization.


If you are an HR representative team discounts of over 10 employees  are available please email

Training lasts for 90 minutes.

Not for this workshop. Ask your workplace HR for reimbursements.

Yes, a replay is emailed out to all participants