Co-Conspired Conversation : Amplify RJ With David Ryan Barcega Castro-Harris

David Ryan Barcega Castro-Harris (all five names for the ancestors) is an x-ray tech by trade, and a Restorative Justice Educator by passion. As the Founder of Amplify RJ, he is building a digital platform to share the philosophy, practices, and values of Restorative Justice.

Now living in “Los Angelish” with his wife Wendy, he leans on the training from his elders and his experiences doing Restorative Justice work in Chicago schools, community, and criminal legal settings to share knowledge and create experiences that help folks across the world understand Restorative Justice as a relationship centered-way of being, not merely a program for addressing harm. Outside of RJ, he’s always down to talk NBA basketball, gourmet doughnuts, or explore the fundamental nature of reality.