As Check Your Privilege continues its journey to dismantle systemic oppression through activation of conspirators and allies,


WE are Growing into a new level of action.

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We are taking to the streets to meet with other community leaders across the nation to show our continued solidarity and support as we strive to not only see unfair and unjust treatment be eradicated, but as we also continue to see justice served and policies change in this historical pivot in American History.

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ABOUT check your privilege

Check Your Privilege  is a global movement that supports individuals  on their journey of becoming actively anti-racist. Through our online co-conspirators lounge, workshops, and events we aim to  deepen the awareness of how unconcious bias, and the interlocking systems of domination  affect the mental health of Black, Brown, Indigenous, Marginizled Persons of Color.   


Myisha T is a mental health activist, speaker, and entrepreneur passionate about the mental wellness and the empowerment for women.

In 2018, after a negative experience with a friend and coworker, Myisha T had to end it in order to make room to cope with the negative impact that it had on her mental health. That’s when she became more curious about white women and their relationship with privilege, and it was the beginning of her journey to identify her own internalized oppression and racism.
She began her Check Your Privilege interview series during Minority Mental Health Awareness Month that year, and it was important to her that she look beyond throw-away or Cancel Culture—to find ways that white women, in particular, were working to shift from passive ally-ship on to becoming action-driven co-conspirators to BIWOC (Black, Indigenous Women of Color).
Myisha works with organizations and community groups taking white people on a self-reflective journey exploring their relationship with power, privilege, and racism.

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