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Three saplings being held on a wooden tray by light-skinned hands. The saplings are in pots made out of soil.

Recommitment in the Evening of 2021

By Ash M (she/they) | Oct 27, 2021

Today’s post was originally going to be about my part in the “great white awakening” of 2020. Then, pretty much by chance, I had a conversation last week about shifting our gaze from 2020 to recommitting and moving forward. I’m taking that conversation as a sign to look at how I will focus forward as…

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By Myisha T Hill | Oct 15, 2021

Check Your Privilege is committed to supporting BIPoC, Queer, LGBTQ+ persons and organizations dedicated to transformative, restorative, and transitional justice. BROWN SISTERS SPEAK AMERICA HATES US UPGRADE ACCESSIBILITY

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Meet Ash, Check Your Privilege’s Newest Blogger!

By Ash M (she/they) | Oct 13, 2021

Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to check out this post. My name is Ash (she/they), and I am a white British descendent of colonisers. I am going to be putting together the Check Your Privilege mid-week newsletter and blogging on the CYP website going forward (probably around one post every two weeks). I…

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Girl You Betta Apologize; The Problem With Rachel Hollis

By Myisha T Hill | May 10, 2020

Rachel Hollis is known for allegedly stealing the work of women around the world. This time she plagiarized the work of Maya Angelou. When called in she gave a fake apology, was called out on Buzzfeed and used victim shifting tacts, and social media targeting to attempt to silence BIWoC. Join Lettie, Weeze, and Myisha…

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Womxn Of Black History Month

By Myisha T Hill | Feb 4, 2020

I am the ancestor’s wildest dream. I teach from the matriarchs before me. I AM, because of who they are and the sacrifices they made for me. Respect the BOLDNESS of BLACK WOMXN in History.  Black womxn build. Black womxn speak. Black womxn ARE American historyNow, listen. Every day a black womxn in America is writing history. Since…

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Talking to Kids About Race + Resources

By Myisha T Hill | Sep 27, 2019

One of my most requested question is, ” How Do I Talk To My Kid’s about Race?” I don’t have all the answers, but  I’ve got three short pieces if advice plus some resources below to get you there. 1. Honesty is the best policy I have to say my kids know when I’m telling…

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